Take advantage of this offer and raise your career to new heights as Owutech offers 100% scholarship award for students in National Diploma.
  • 100% scholarship programmes
    Enhance & fast-track your career development through our program
    Enhance your entrepreneural skills with productivity as we promote quality education for intellectuals .
  • Become an elligible student by applying through our scholarship
    For Your Better Future
    We provides best and quality tertiary education for indigent students through community based scholarship projects..

Welcome To Owutech foundation Scholarship

Owutech Foundation Scholarship Scheme is aimed at sponsoring indigents and intelligent students with full tuition free scholarship package with wide range of programmes .

We aim to train students do their best, realize their potentials and gain the academic, professional and entrepreneurial skills, essential for career success.

We encourage our students to achieve maturity and social awareness in both formal and informal environments with experienced, well- qualified lecturers who are both accessible and supportive. The College acts as a bridge between Secondary School and University.

Matriculation Gallery

Our matriculation and graduation ceremony shows best of us as we encourage students through awards and its being held at the main campus.

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Online Learning

We encourage online training and learning for our ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Pariatur, magnam dolore tempore.

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Scholarship Benefits

1. It enhances and fast-track your career development
2. Opportunity to gain admission into preferrable courses in our institution
3. Global employment opportunities
4. Access to professional advice and online courses.
5. Acquisition of entrepreneural and professional skills.

Why Choose Us?

Best ICT Lab

The ICT centre has floor area of 720 square meters with 100 units functioning computer systems to accommodate 100 students at a time.

Qualified Lecturer

Our lecturers has the advanced technical and industry know-how using the best practice to lecture the students for leading tomorrow

Entrepreneural Skills

We encourage and promote entrepreneural skills towards the student populace as part of the institution's culture.






Completed Exams


Scholarship Year

Scholarship Eligibility

1. Candidate must possess at least 5 O' level credits including English language and Mathematics
2. He/ She must be a citizen of Nigeria
3. He must not be older than 21 years of age by December 31st, 2023
4. He/ She must be from low income earning parent(s) or home.

Mode of application

1.- Fill the free online application form

2. Print out the acknowledgment slip immediately after submission or the application form sent to the provided email address upon completion of the online application form